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Handmade Ornament, Korean Traditional Knot(Maedeup), NORIGAE with real stone, 'Three in One' design

Handmade Ornament, Korean Traditional Knot(Maedeup), NORIGAE with real stone, 'Three in One' design

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Elevate your space with this exquisite ornament that doubles as a tapestry or NORIGAE, a traditional Korean accessory rich in cultural significance. NORIGAE is typically worn with Hanbok attire, symbolizing good luck and serving as a fashion statement.

Key Features:

  • Total length: 30cm (11.8 inches)
  • The spherical decoration is made of genuine stone, not plastic.
  • Handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail
  • Unique and unparalleled design
  • Used knots - Byeongari (chick), Maehwa (apricot flower), Dorae maedeup
  • Byeongari (chick) Maedeup
    The knot of "byungari" has long been believed to overcome hardships. It was traditionally used as a handle for women's dowry baskets and attached to the hilts of large knives carried by men going to war.
  • Comes packaged in traditional Hanji boxes made of Korean paper, ensuring safe delivery
  • We pack it in a long box to maintain its shape during shipping.
    When hung at home, it naturally unfolds more smoothly. If lightly(just a little) misting it with water helps it maintain its shape better.
  • Random color and style selection for Hanji box packaging
  • Handmade with high-quality threads made in South Korea
  • Colors may vary slightly due to screen variations


High-quality yarn

  The yarn used for tying knots should be firm unlike knitting yarn, so it contains a white core thread inside.
And it is made by wrapping the white core thread with outer thread.

  Most knotting yarns are made of nylon, and the white core thread is typically wrapped around about 70 times by the outer thread.
But, the thread used to make this product is filament rayon, and the outer thread wraps around the white core thread 100 times.
So the outer thread is tightly wrapped around the inner white core thread, concealing it from view.

  Also, in terms of dyeing,
because most other threads are dyed after being made into white threads, the color does not evenly dye the thread.

  However, the threads used to make this product are different. The raw thread is dyed before being spun into thread, resulting in uniform and beautiful colors.

Please Note:

  • Since it's a handmade product, there may be differences from the photo and each product may vary slightly.
  • This item is handmade, hence, no refund or exchange is available.
  • The actual product may look slightly different from the picture displayed.
  • The white thread at the end is a natural finish resulting from the knot's nature, not a defect.
  • Hanji is a traditional type of Korean paper. The small dust-like spots or marks on the box are a natural part of Hanji paper and it's not defects. Please note that they come in random colors and styles without the option for selection. (These Hanji boxes are intended for use as gift boxes)

Transform your living space or surprise a loved one with this exceptional piece of Korean heritage. Shop now and add a touch of elegance to any setting!

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