LaPace Living

Yarn and Korea Traditional Crafts

LaPace Living offers the most comprehensive selection of yarns and handmade product.

Yarn : Discover natural dyeing 100% fine merino wool, 100% organic cotton yarn. Ribbon yarn etc

Korea traditional craft : Knot, Hanji, Traditional pattern by various fabric, etc

Our Story

I started to sell some products(a kind of living products) to USA. My friend who was in charge of textile company manufactured eco-friendly, natural dyeing (100% fine merino wool, 100% organic cotton) yarns. The yarns were so pretty. So, I learned to knit (crochet) as a hobby. (Still I give a doll, tea coaster, dish scrubber, blanket to friend as a present)

Cup holder which is made with tube yarns. Wave design. 8 colors are used including pink.

My Fist shop on Etsy

I asked to friend that I'm in charge of selling abroad and had contract with him. I opened shop at Etsy. My friend manufactured 16 colors 100% organic cotton yarn and 16 colors 100% fine merino wool. And I added listings (which are made in Korea) more to Etsy.

color variation - hot pink, blue, gold, green

Hobby to Business

Another friend draw pretty pictures and make some products. - Korea traditional lucky bag etc (canvas bags, pouch, cellular phone case etc). So, I I asked to this friend that I'm in charge of selling abroad. My friends are ready to make new design and product.

Specially, 'metallic ribbon yarns' is manufactured within this year. Now I open

My friend make unique yarns. Like naturally dyed yarns, I didn't see all glitter metallic ribbon yarn. (There are one side glitter yarn in etsy.) My friends make and I sell products. We are share and be together. :)

Start to make and sell - Korea Traditional craft

Another friend me started to make Korea traditional knot.

So, we think that Korea Traditional Craft especially knot (Maeduep)

We also introduce Hanji. Hanji is Korea traditional paper. It's quality was already improved. Hanji craft is will be listed more.