LaPace Premium yarn. 100% fine merino wool yarn. eco-friendly, plant dye. blue pink melange color
good for baby and pet
yarn thickness 2~3mm
Knitting recommendation : crochet hook #4~#6. knitting needle 0.16~0.19 inch
100%, Eco-friendly. plant extract dyed
Premium merino wool yarn with no chemical compound.
baby shoes . made by LaPace yarn
Best wool yarn for making baby goods, blanket etc
shwal. made by LaPace wool yarn, blue pink melange color
baby shoes. made by LaPace yarns. blue. pink. ivory

LaPace, eco-friendly. Good for baby. fine merino wool , plant dye yarn - blue+pink (melange color)

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  • Weight per one ball - 1.4+-0.176OZ(40g+-5g) , length 65yards (60meter), bomboo knitting needle 0.157 ~ 0.196 inch(4~5mm), crochet hook #4~#6
  • Material -100% fine merino wool.
  • Color : blue+pink (melange)
  • Good for baby, good for making muffler, blankets, clothes, shwals etc
  • Made in South Korea. Vinyl packaging
  • Due to the light and screen setting difference, the item’s color may be slightly different from the pictures.


  • It's a natural thread(yarn) that doesn't use any synthetic chemicals. - No using : chemical softener that softens the thread. chemical dye. Synthetic chemicals that prevent hair from falling off.
  • High quality yarn : In spite of no using chemicals, There's almost no dust and it's soft. 
  • Pretty colors, no pain for eyes to see yarns for a long time
  • Colors may look similar with other yarns in photos, but if you make something, the color is different.

Used plants -indigo, rubia akane, acacia(shittah tree), a gall (apple) ( or gallnut), pomegranate etc. Vegetable dyes have specialty which is multi color dyes. In one natural dyes with at least 10 colors appearing at the same time, resulting in subtle and deep colors. 

Plant dyeing yarn is a process of dyeing natural fibers with plant-based dyes to create unique and eco-friendly yarn. There are many different plants that can be used for dyeing, including indigo, madder, weld, and cochineal, among others.

The process of plant dyeing yarn involves preparing the dye by extracting color from the plant material using water, heat, and other natural substances. The yarn is then immersed in the dye bath and simmered for a period of time to allow the color to absorb into the fibers. The yarn is then rinsed and dried.

Plant dyeing yarn can create a range of beautiful and unique colors, and the process is more environmentally friendly than using synthetic dyes

  • Eco-friendly knitting natural yarn, dyed only with dye extracted from plants, vegetable dyeing knitting yarn -made up of 15 strands of a thin original yarn
  • For all dyeing( chemical dyeing, natural dyeing etc), colors can be slightly different every cycle. It means that yarns' color can be different slightly, if the yarns are come from different lot. Also,there may be a difference between the amount that comes out of the dyeing once, Please buy 1 or 2 more items with by reference at the purchasing.
  • Due to the light and screen setting difference, the item’s color may be slightly different from the pictures.
  • Because of many twist threads together, a knot or break may occur in the middle of the knitting yarn. It's not a defect.
  • Using a neutral detergent in lukewarm water., hand wash only. Don't twist or rub. Put it on a towel and gently press it to remove the moisture..Spread it out and drying in shades


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