Phone bag with Net and Ribbon yarn

Phone bag with Net and Ribbon yarn

One net + one ribbon yarn = two phone holders

(bag strap - You need to buy it separately.)


Use net and crochet hook #8

-   Cut Net : width - bigger than the phone width 

                  length - Twice of phone length + @     

                  (Make sure you get the right size so that your phone goes in.)


- Remain yarn about 31.5inch(80cm) to sew three edges

  If you want to make big bag, remaining yarns are more needed.

1. knitting 2~5 squares (random 2~5, irregularly) all net

    : You can see it in the video.

2. Fold net in half horizontally

3. Remain yarn : Sew three edges by needle for knitting


- You can use any strap. If you use gold chain strap with hook, it is easy to connect to bag.

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